DirtyMuffin: 12/12/11

Minecraft Username: DirtyMuffin
Approximate Date of Ban: 12/12/11
OP Who Banned You: ymbninjakiller

Reason for Ban: Using xray mod to find valuble ores. Not allowed.
Reason for Unban: I feel that i was wrongly accused as i neither used nor had any intention of using the xray mod.
Server: Survival

-waiting for ymb’s input-

With things like this, it really is hard to tell weather the mod has actually been used. It is a mod after all and there is no way of detecting it server-side. We do use no cheat which helps against it, but there is no way to REALLY tell. If it was down to me I would unban with a warning, but it’s up to ymb for the final decision.

use redstone ore. if tunnels go directly from diamond pocket to diamond pocket its pretty obvious…

if we have modloadermp server we can block mods

While waiting for YMB’s response, let me be clear to the mods.

There is absolutely no reason to post “Waiting for ____'s response”. Because by that logic, we’d have each ban appeal filled with 10+ staff saying the same thing. If the player appealing lists a name, we wait for that person to give their side of the story and judge if the player remains banned or unbanned.

Learn from Ruby, his post is contributing and brings up a valid point on the subject.

First warning, Don’t do it again.

You WERE obviously using a type of xray mod to find rare ore’s like diamonds. I teleported to you and found myself in a continues tunnel that lead to diamond pockets, and i watched you mine towards them, finding at least 2-4 diamonds each time without problem. Also the tunnel was completely unlit, and was pretty dang long. It was pretty obvious just by being in that tunnel that xray was used.

But, i believe you didn’t know that it was against the rules, so i will unban you. Please read the rules before doing anything else. If you have more than 64 diamonds, please donate some of them to other players or throw them away. I’ll let you keep the rest.