DigitalDoodle - 27th of November, 2015


Minecraft Username DigitalDoodle

Date of Ban 27th of November, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by MrFerf

Reason for Ban Stealing and grief

Reason to be Unbanned Ok I admit to stealing but I’m pretty sure from what I can remember is that I didn’t steal it all. I’m sorry. But the grief I’m kinda questioning that because the only way I fire griefed something is if it spread. The latest contact with fire in the server is when I lit a fire on my trees In my city which is northville I think that may have spread a bit on trees. And I have a feeling that that had something to do with it. There was also a play that happened in the server and I shot some fire arrows if that’s what your talking about but I never intentionally lit fire to any city. I’m sorry for the harm I have created.

[ Ban History ] 4 other ban appeals found
27th of November, 2015

24th of November, 2015

21st of September, 2015

1st of September, 2015

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Well you’re still not getting unbanned.

Please stop.

This user has been banned from the forums.