DiamondDesigner - 9th of January, 2016


Minecraft Username DiamondDesigner

Date of Ban 9th of January, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Not sure as i wasnt active

Reason for Ban Griefing a building near spawn

Reason to be Unbanned I wasnt active for a few weeks so i cant have done anything

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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You were banned by @Wairoa on January 4th

why was i banned by him though i did have problems with him a while ago eith a market scam but there was no reason to get banned

diamond just wait for wairoa to respond please Be Patient.

I don’t remember specifically what you did but from memory you damaged a building near cspawn at some point in time. (I found logs of this which don’t lie)

I don’t have a high tolerance for griefing of any form so the severity of your grief is irrelevant at this point.
What do you have to say for yourself?

Well, im sorry for any damage i may have caused
i still dont think i have done anything like that though, and i know we haven’t exactly had the best of history but i hope we can look past that

I hope i can be accepted back into the server soon :-[

All i want is to join back and continue building with other people i mean no harm to anyone and i will be extra carefull around other people’s builds in future

Once again, sorry for any damage i may have caused and i will be more than happy to fix what i have broken

For the record this ban has nothing to do with your past transgressions, it is strictly about you griefing.
However you seem remorseful so I’ll temp ban for two days.