dexternater: 3.6.2011

Minecraft Username: dexternater
Approximate Date of Ban: 3.6.2011
OP Who Banned You:

Reason for Ban: because i grieved
Reason for Unban: I did not grief anything the only reason i was banned is because people were asking me questions and i was answering them with the word yes but i got lag and they didn’t show up then they said did you break a window and at that point the word yes popped up from before and then they banned me

Apparently Vaio banned you for breaking the window.

We’ll have to wait for his side of the story.

I did not personally ban you, just reported it hard did.
and you griefed andy’s home right next to spawn, one of the windows. Then after finding out it was you, me and hard tried to ask you WHY you griefed the windows, you kept on saying hi and yes. Furthermore you did not do anything else and pretended it did not happen :P.

So you admit to breaking the window but claim you didn’t grief?

My friend, breaking something that isn’t yours IS griefing.

Since he’s not responding, I’m going to assume he doesn’t care.