Hello Project City Build Players!!!

My IGN is Devinske! You can also call me Dev, Devin, or Lonestar on the server! I am a teenager who love Sandbox and Voxel Games. I love to build on Minecraft and love playing it with my family. I am about a 3 out of 10 in redstoning, I know how to do it, but not very well like people who are very good at redstoning. I use a minimap sometimes when I play. My favorite Minecraft minigame is MCSPY. I wish to go to the University of Arizona or the University of Colorado. I like to play Video Games and create Architectural Drawings. I do not like Facebook nor Twitter, in fact, I don’t like a lot of social networking sites. I have a Labrador named Jessie, and 2 mutts named Bayli [Mine] and Melody [My Younger Sister’s] (They are sisters and they are a mix of Yorkie, Dachshund, Poodle, and Chihuahua). I also have 2 cats named Peanut Buddy and Boomerang. My nickname is Devinske, which my grandpa gave me when he first saw me, and I have ADD. I also love to eat apples and I know 2 years worth of French. Now that I have explained myself, “Et toi?”

Congrats you got the job

Welcome to Project City Build! I do wish you the best of times while you are here! :smiley:

welcome! :smiley:

Welcome Devin! Saw you on earlier today :P. Im from Anaheim, California. My Name is Javier but People call me Javi or Javski. I have an older brother and a small Miniature Pinscher Terrier. Im 16 and in 10th Grade. I plan on going to Either University of California or UNM. Nice to meet you and hope you like this server! See you on! -Javi

“Hahahhahahahhahah! Now I can steal your identity!” I mean…er… uh… hello. Welcome to the server! I’m the local odd ball musician/VG designer. I hope you feel at home. (Don’t expect me on too much atm)

Hello guys! Thanks for welcoming me to the server! I’ll be sure to see you all soon! Thanks again!

Ha! I liked your intro. Welcome to PCB. I kinda wonder what kind of things you might create with such an interesting personality. You like super detailed works such as fully done interiors?


Hi there Dev,
We got to know each other when you were very first on and registering.
So glad you took my advice and ‘made yourself known’ on the forums.
Very interesting reading.
Expect will see you many times on the server all the best for a long and happy relationship with us all.

Welcome! :smiley:
Warning: I’m Asian and so I might eat your cats… and maybe your dogs as well… hide them well smoke bomb

Lol, just kiding xP (or am I?)
I love your introduction man ^-^