Reason for Ban: Digging 1x1 holes by Creative spawns.

Reason to Unban: Ge’s a good guy. He was just trying to get to the spawn to get to Survival (no OPs on at the time) and didn’t know about /spawn.

It would be useful if either him or you filled in the correct form, so we know when this happened and the staff that banned him.

Minecraft Username:
Date of Ban:
Staff Who Banned You:
Reason for Ban:
Reason You Should be Unbanned:

Just saying we don’t normally ban for 1x1 holes. That is not normally counted as griefing.

Banned by Johnlh97 for 1x1 holes underneath creative warps.

Maybe John was as perplexed as i am as to how he bypassed the locks on the Spawn area and actually dug there?

1x1 holes to the void all around the creative button warps, not the spawn itself.

Kyle, 1x1 by me, anyways usually means a pillar, not a 1x1x1

He was trying to get back to the Lobby. He didn’t know he could use /spawn.

Ah, did not realize you meant pillars. A single pillar is understandable, but multiple means the holes were intentional. Not really happy with him if that’s the case.

It was just pillars (or maybe reverse pillars).

to the void, intentionally killing people if they happened to step in one, or warp into one, as I did multiple times, trying to find start flying.

Sorry to butt-in but why are you making the appeal fer, shouldn’t Dev01man be posting it?

He didn’t want to make an account on the forums. I have no clue why. I’m one of his really good friends, so… Yeah.

I do think it would really helpful if we could hear from him and not just a friend.

I can get some quotes and write it down. More to come.

How about… I say no until he makes an account. If he is too lazy to make an account, then he doesnt deserve to be unbanned, dontcha think?

Sums up this thread nicely if you ask me. I’d relay what John said to your friend. We’re not unbanning someone who doesn’t make a ban appeal.

This appeal is a week old, so I checked the ban appeal section and it doesn’t seem he made one for himself yet. No ban appeal, no unban.