Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Another trailer for DE: Mankind Divided has been released. Except, it contains no actual gameplay. This is an ENTIRE TRAILER FOR PREORDERING THE GAME!
Square Enix pulled the trailer from their channel, it got so many dislikes. It’s still on the Deus Ex channel, so here it is:
That video has 158 likes and 10,546 dislikes as of me posting this.

The actual gameplay trailer looked pretty good, but this shitty preorder stunt has put me right off the game.
And remember, don’t preorder (at least until the game is reviewed).

Yeah that sounds like they’re trying way too hard to do a steam sale event type thing…

I’ve lost a lot of respect for Square Enix this past year, first Rise of the Tomb Raider was made a timed XBox exclusive, despite the shit sales of the first game, and now they’re shitting out preorder content left, right and centre.

Where’s the Chrono Trigger Square Enix? What happened?