Desktop Thread

Post yer desktops :slight_smile:

Mine’s kinda messy… Oh well

Wolfenstein bitchessssss

John, I’ve always wondered, where do you get those system/disk stats you have in the top right corner?


dem widgets doe :\

Okay guys I didn’t have any time to organize my desktop cause I have some work I need to do so I just quickly took a picture and posted it, Don’t be too hard if you think its messy.
(Hopefully there is nothing embarrassing there too @[email protected]’)

meh you Windows 7 losers XD
windows 8 FTW

I feel like my desktop is unlike any of yours :smiley:

Here’s my pretty simple desktop. :smiley: I don’t really use the icons that much, I usually just launch applications in the Start Menu. Also, that picture was taken by me in Florida, they have a beautiful ocean! (BTW, I know Windows Vista is old, but this computer is 7 years old in July and I can play everything with the best graphics. No need to upgrade if it works fine. :P)

BTW, how do y’all make your’s so it’s not a download?

@DuckGyver EWWWWWWW, its an Apple, how horrid … and it has its Taskbar ON THE LEFT AHHHHHHH!!! You’re one cruel man Guibo, one cruel man…

um. guibo not that I’m a noob but how do i screenshot my mac xD ::slight_smile:

Command + shift + 3 jav

And Ninja, my desktop looks fine and dandy!

Dont make me break out linux…

Sometimes I forget How good I can Minecraft. (calculators are for physic’s equations)

Fatso, what is that? A bot for leveling in MC? And check out mine. I love that art…

Le Screen Numero Uno:

Tidy? Le Screen Numero Dos:

This thread has also alerted me to how many people get games that are on steam (Sims 3, RC Tycoon) not by steam.