Desktop Thread No. ????+1

Show off your desktops!

Once again, to save our mouse wheels from endless scrolling, please use spoiler tags like this:




No points for guessing my favourite drink.


@Asmodean_ coffee :slight_smile:

IB chem for the win…

A funny little fast vocab for english speakers for Spanish :smiley:


My background changes every so many minutes


you can hide shit like edge u know? and all that extra stuff no one uses …

my screensaver is just black.

just black.

does anyone know of a good screensaver website

MangaCasa is an app that collect all different kinds of wallpapers of nate, popart etc etc (no not just manga) and then ja make a folder with all the backgrounds and set it to change every so many minutes =D

thank you, ill check it out, does anyone know of any more? The more sites I find the merrier



LMFAO That background XD

what functionality @Wairoa !


Usually has more icons, but I did a fresh install of Windows a couple weeks ago and still haven’t redone everything

that’s a really good way to memorize color codes for MC ahahah XD.

Yes… No one uses…

Just like IE, I avoid it like the plague. Admittedly, its still 50x better than IE.

If people at work come to me with problems and they are using IE, I laugh at them. Then I will go over to them and disable it.

After about 3 straight years of a complete and utter black void as a screensaver, I’ve finally gotten one I like…


M4A4 Dragon King 龍王 from CS:GO

This is my lock screen, a lovely picture of Boston, undeniably the world’s greatest city.



best sports, best seafood, best history, literally the only reason the world’s greatest country exists [size=2pt]world’s worst drivers… only after RI (;

My computer…

  • belongs to my family
  • has a 4:3 monitor
  • doesn’t have a screensaver
  • is littered with desktop icons

So I think I’ll pass this time around.