Desert Highway and Hey I'm new haha

Hello, I’m Shady707. I’ve been looking for a city server for a while and now, I’ve seen to find the one that fits me right. That’s besides the point… I was in the desert on creative and noticed an unfinished highway. I started last night and I’m unaware if it’s been abandoned or just not finished. Anyways, I was wondering if I’m allowed to continue working on it. Its just a straight stretch of highway running underneath a large sand dune (you probably know where I’m taking about.) I dug it out for a few hours last night and continued the road in its direction. I just wanted to know if I was obstructing someone’s property or if I’m even allow to build there… Anyways, just wanted to quickly introduce myself with a constructive (haha) question. Cheers… (Btw, nice towers and skyscrapers, can’t wait to build one) :slight_smile:


Generally we say you must ask permission to build in someone elses area (town, city, etc.) as they may want a specific style there. In this case, you’ve only continued something so it shouldn’t be a problem, but in future be sure to ask who it belongs to, and check with them!

If whoever it belongs to dislikes it or had other plans, we may have to remove or edit what you’ve done. If they have no problem with it, just check they’re okay with you continuing.

Might I ask you if you know who is in charge of the highway construction? I’ve read up on businesses and jobs on here. I might just be working for free hahaha but I’m not sure.

I’m pretty sure it’s odiousderp’s highway; he’s working on a lot of highway construction recently. He doesn’t frequent the forums much, so get in game and /mail him.

Welcome to pcb! im glad you found a server you can call home :smiley: hope you love it as much as I do

Heyo and welcome :slight_smile: what you could do shady is if you get a stick and right click one of the blocks on the highway it will tell you who put that block there and when. Hope this helped!

Hi my name is Godsjedi12315 but my nick on PCB is The_Christian_Jedi as my name suggests I am a Christian (Baptist) I hope to see you around! (Want to meet some of the older members of PCB come on to our ts!)

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