delahk - 3rd of September, 2015


Minecraft Username delahk

Date of Ban 3rd of September, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by amosdean

Reason for Ban Me and nuclear where arguing over his city, about his villa he was selling and then we kept on arguing about it. It went out of hand later on and then tiger came in for no reason, she has nothing to do with it and should not have came and said anything. then he started swearing at me then i did the same back to him, then i got ban.

Reason to be Unbanned I should be unbanned, because I will ignore what has happened on the server, and i will continue with what I was doing and ignore what they say, if i have nothing to do with it.
and I apologies for what I have done.

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3rd of September, 2015

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There were worse things being said, it didn’t just include nuclear. You were hating at tigerx112 about her rape joke (which she has apologized for) and at me for trying to defuse the situation.
I won’t unban immediately since you’ve had about half an hour so far. You need to cool your chips, frankly, and it’s a fairly minor offence so I’ll unban in two days.

I never swore to you. Also you told me to shhhhhhhhhhh. One does just not tell me to shhhhhh

Gotten reports that tiger’s been harrassed by delahk, unlocking thread so she can post the PMs.

He said this: who do you think you are the dam queen, ur just a dumb shit.


Aaaaannnnnddddd this: i tell u to shhhhh when ever the hell i WANT.

He told me to go back to pre school you little kid… I’m not little I’m nearly 13

aaaand that’s now a 1 week tempban.
Any more and it’s permanent.
Will keep unlocked if anyone has more to say.

It’s worth mentioning that you can report a Pm to the admins by clicking the link at the bottom right of the message.

Is this dude getting un banned? To be honest I don’t want him un banned… I’m not trying to be mean it’s juts this guy 1. Annoyed the shit out of me
2. Hated on me
3. Attempted to argue with me
4. Very well attempted to get me banned
5. Kept going on about the rape joke
6. Harrased me

Do I get to vote him stay banned?

For someone who was apologizing not a long time ago don’t you think you are the best person to get here saying that you want him banned?

Honestly, this is a ban appeal, to anybody that is going to be here posting things that doesn’t matter please think before post. This is between Yoshi and delhak

Agreed. This has already been decided for a one week tempban.