delahk - 27th of November, 2015


Minecraft Username delahk

Date of Ban 27th of November, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by octo

Reason for Ban OCTO has banned me because he it said that i have built something too close to someone else but i have been in my city and building with perms, i ask him and he is not telling me what i did wrong.

Reason to be Unbanned i was banned for no reason please un ban me

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
3rd of September, 2015

3rd of September, 2015

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That only took 10 PMs…

You were banned for a variety of reasons as a result of a mutual decision by myself, @PrinceMark and @ElydoreMD.

The list of offences that I know of are:

[ul][li]Being a constant ass[/li]
[li]Getting into fights with people[/li]
[li](A while ago) Building far too close to NewAcra, like 40 blocks away[/li]
[li]Building very close to Mark’s town[/li][/ul]

There may be more.

i have never build near those 2 locations and aim not the only one who gets into fights, its just because of my RACE guys wtf
and when ever i get into a fight it ends and we become good friends so i don’t know the reason for this ban

I can guarantee you that you built next to NewAcra because I moved it for you.
Also, don’t pull the race card. It’s your fault that you’re an ass, not anyone else’s.

For the record, here’s a PM I received:

dude i aint an ass and what was the build, why didn’t you bang me before then why now…

I didn’t ban you at the time because it wasn’t ban-worthy on its own. Combined with the rest of the stuff you’ve been doing, it is, hence why I banned you.

do i need to appeal again or what

No, I want to wait for the input of @PrinceMark before continuing.


Delahk, when you were a Member, you were quite a good player with a good attitude, but since you’ve achieved the Donator rank, things haven’t been the same. You’re constantly interfering in other people’s businesses and making unnecessary comments, whether it’s a simple “lol” or “wtf” to actually engaging in arguments with other players when most of the times you have absolutely nothing to do with what the other players are discussing. It honestly gets quite annoying and it happens almost every time you and I are on-line at the same time.

Just because you are a Donator it doesn’t mean you are in any way superior to other players. You act like you’re a member of the staff with a bossy and arrogant attitude, frequently telling people to shut up when they don’t agree with you, and you only stop when they’re either kicked/banned or eventually log off. You sometimes don’t even care about what members of the staff tell you to do and you just keep arguing or behaving incorrectly. And then you use that ridiculous excuse that you are black and that you are being unfairly picked on by us racist staff members and other players, like we could somehow know your race just by talking with you in chat…

I was actually willing to give you another chance, but then I was told you were previously banned in September and warned that if you screwed up one more time, you would be permanently banned. I’m afraid that’s what happening here. I’m sad to see you go, but your attitude is just too bad, and we’re just tired of it.

@TheOctopus he is in fair distance of my town, I was just letting you know he was close to my city without issues, first things first.

now onto business: Dela, I hate to say it but you’re very arrogant. This has nothing to do with race in anyway shape or form. The way you treat other members on this server interrupts the peace and each day it just becomes more noticeable. Guess what I had no idea you were black, and guess what I’m 99.9% sure that nobody else knew either. So why does that matter? It matters because we’re all players on the same server and everyone should respect each other no matter what. If you’re treating people rudely other people are gonna treat you the same way in their defense, that’s just the way it is.

I was open to have you banned to give you a nice reminder of your previous ban to remind you that this type of behavior does not go unnoticed, especially when there are multiple staff members online at once. Although I was not the one who iniated the ban I gave Octo the consent b/c I personally would like you to know that you’re losing my respect and when I ask you to stop behaving in a bad manner to others it means you must stop…especially when other members have asked you to stop.

Let this be your last and final warning. I will leave it to Octo to decide how long you should remain banned for. If Octo decides a permanant ban is best for you than so be it, otherwise if you are temporarily banned you better come back with a nicer attitude and get into less fights on the server because enough is enough, I feel like im kicking you at least once or twice at a time whenever I’m online and it’s getting old really quick. I’d like to work with you and can stand you when you’re not being rude to others yet you need to understand this is not about race. It is about your entitlement to being the donator rank and thinking you can keep pulling our legs like this.

There’s this “disease” that you seem to have, Del. It’s called Donator-itis.
Donator-itis is a condition that affects ~20% of Donators, causing them to think that they are above the rules. This can lead to arguments with other players, staff members, and other various complications.
Symptoms include:

  • Increased chance of picking fights.
  • Disability to listen to staff.
  • General rude behavior.
    Side effects include:
  • People not wanting to play on the server.
  • Bans.

But in all seriousness, you’ve caused nothing but problems recently, Del. Your behavior is not acceptable.
Also, you seem to take “advantage” of the fact that you’re black. I’ve seen you call people “nigga” and then claim “it’s ok cause i’m black.” Your gangster act gets really old- building weed stores, making a town called Compton, and picking lots of fights. It’s like you are just begging for people to notice- “LOOK AT ME! I’M BLACK! I’M A GANGSTER!” Staff are not racist, I am not racist- these are facts. Remember that this is not just a Minecraft server, but a Minecraft community. If you don’t like the way we run this server, stay banned. If you don’t like the people, don’t like what they think, stop picking petty fights, and just leave.

This is a video game, after all, and the rest of us are here to have fun.

Octo? The final verdict?

I feel like shit now having read all this and, thinking about it made me feel very bad, sorry guys for troubling you, I should probably take a break to sort this out, again sorry


Your behavior whenever I am around is rather ridiculous, from what I’ve seen. I’m not necessarily saying I want to see you remain banned, but you need to wake up and see you’ve been a major pain in the rear.

And as for race, it’s online, dude. How the fuck are we going to judge you based on race if we don’t see you? Let alone, why would we, it’s a GAME.

My biggest gripe with Delahk is how he butts into conversations unwarranted without the conversation involving him to begin with.

That’s my only BIG pet peeve with Delahk…this is not my only piss off with him, but the others have already been mentioned.

  1. Please don’t pull the race card when people call you out on being a blatant repeat asshat offender.

  2. You don’t have to like what other people say/talk about, there’s /ignore for that or private messages. Instead of causing server drama by showing your anger on pub chat, utilize these tools.

  3. You have been clocked on moderator radar multiple times going asshole in a be nice zone. This does not help you. (Had to have something funny in here at some point, anyways)

  4. Getting along with others starts with being nice and making an effort, along with not being self-centered and only self-caring.

  5. IMO saying nigga is someone’s choice and really isn’t offensive. But that’s just me. If someone else finds something offensive that you continue to do despite them telling you it makes them feel uncomfortable, you deserve every bit of scrutiny. (I’ve been there, there’s yet a chance for you to repent!)

Steps to getting unbanned and staying that way:

  1. Apologize

  2. Admit fault

  3. Promise to never do what got you banned or other bannable offences again in the future.

  4. Actually make the effort to make amends with others you’ve offended once unbanned.

  5. Continue to be a likable and respectable player by being a good human being.

  6. Profit?

I’m going to keep you banned for 2 months. Perhaps after that you can come back and be sensible?

Leaving this open just in case anyone wants to reply.

I will hopefully come Back more mature and as a better person, after the ban. Again i am sorry for being an asshole and creating ridiculous problems like you have listed, and I hope you guys enjoy the 2 months without me and my bullshit. For all the staff and members, again i am sorry for what I have been doing over these past few weeks,and hope you guys have a good time without me,
Have fun :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::smiley:

Two months sounds good to me.
I really do want to see you back on the server, Del. Once you get your behavior set straight, I think you’ll be a great member of the community.

Sorry I haven’t been on the forums recently (I know I’ve been on iPlayer all day but it must[/I] be you who took up all of our 20GB/month broadband), anyway, I was the one who (temp)banned del for the first time, it was generally because he was being an asshat and taunting/teasing/ many players. By the looks of it nothing has changed. 2 months seems fair.

It’s been just a few hours over 2 months since the appeal was released. Welcome back to PCB, @delahk.