Dease Inc

                                                                  [size=14pt]Dease Inc.

Hello members of PCB, my name is bailey and i am the owner of Dease Inc. What is Dease Inc you ask? Dease Inc is a Building corporation, Real estate agency, Mining corporation, Home decorators, Land scapers. As a team we focus on three main rules

  1. Keep customers happy

  2. Succeed and reach beyond are own limits

  3. Economy


As the owner of Dease Inc I have put together a ranking system of the amount of effort and work you put in

Owner: BaileyDease

Co-Owner Chaz_The_Spaz

Organizer: Apply for a spot

Secretary: Apply for a spot


Realtor: 15% off each house

Construction Worker: Pays by build

House Designer: Pays by size

Miner: 2$ per iron ingot, 8$ a cobblestack, 3.50 per gold ingot,8.50 per emerald, 45 per diamond, 10-30$ per stack of redstone, 10-30$ per stack of lapius

Landscaper: 5$ per 64 dirt


Q:Where do i apply?
A:Message me in-game (BaileyDease) or apply on forums post with a reply (if applying for construction worker showing a build will be acquired)
Q:How much is a house?
A: All depending on sizes of your needs


No sponsors yet


Realtor: Apply for a spot

Landscaper: Apply for a spot

Miner: Apply for a spot

Construction worker: BaileyDease, Chaz the spaz

Home decorator: Namillo

Website will be updated daily with more info

Thank You
Regards, BaileyDease

Id be willing to decorate if you supply the furniture.

Of course :slight_smile:

I call being a miner, I spend most of my time in the mines anyways…

[size=10pt]>_> I already do all that stuff myself.

So your hiring people to do your dirty work? Just kidding I guess people do need money.