Dear saintnizair

You haven’t moved from your spot for 7 hours now. I’m assuming you left your computer on and went somewhere.
I built a nice comfy house around you.
Hope you enjoy it.

Spec, he keeps doing this… It’s quite annoying.

After seeing the ban appeal as well, is there actually a problem with him doing this? We’ve never to my knowledge filled up all the slots before or even come close.

It’s just annoying having him AFK all the time… if he’s not playing why join the server?

Don’t Fret, I switched off the log-in anyway seeing as it was that much of a problem. :wink:

you were afk for so long that spec built you an afk house? Result or what!

Considering others do this as well cough Italian Cough, I don’t see why someone can’t go afk. If we get close to filling up the server slots, mods can easily kick afk’ers. Otherwise, let them be and show up on attendance records (serverlists).

I remember once Vaio went afk for 12 hours… I even went to sleep, woke up and she was still afk.

Its not that we were filling the server.

Its the reasoning, if you dont want your computer to not go to sleep, you can change that in Control Settings…

You dont have to use a mod to continuously rejoin a minecraft server.

Half the time I don’t even realise that the mod is actually running, and even when I did know I would shrug it off anyway. Either way, it’s little harm done.