Day One

Hello friendos, I recently just started a creative project. This is the result of day one:

I had the idea that this would be something of a wizard tower. Originally I wanted a completely inverted roof, but I basically hit the sky limit (rage), so I had to round it off much to my frustration. This is just the first build of (hopefully) many. The theme is medieval. I do plan on having a keep/barracks at some point. I’m also going to eventually wall off a large area and leave room for small villages outside the keep.

The plan for day 2 is to clean up the rough edges on the exterior of the tower, terraform a lake with a bridge crossing to the tower and start on the interior:

Im quite terrible with space allocation/general interior design but im thinking dark wood and an open plan spiral staircase of some sort. I’m pretty set on the idea of a giant hourglass suspended near the top of the interior, overlooking a huge library (wizards!). Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but i’ll try it out and see if it fits. I’m also probably re-doing the windows.

Anyway, all ideas are very much welcome as are extra hands (especially if you happen to be good at designing fancy-schmancy interiors!).

Ohh so pretty!

Oooooo I like it :smiley:

This is right beside Arbor and not to be the bum of the group, so maybe a SOP+ could world edit it somewhere else before it gets really large? sorry bud :-\

On the other hand I think it looks amazing! (btw I am the owner of arbor)

Not sure if you’re talking about this new one or the one I built in survival beside your spot (sorry again!). I meant to send you a mail. Im happy for a SOP to just remove it. I picked up sticks and moved to creative.

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