David9336 - 10th of May, 2014

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at one point in time you did build onto my property without permission and when i confronted you, you claimed that you got permission from both neighbors, but that was a while ago.

@Niko, when I said that I corrected myself as I made a mistake, and said I asked my other neighbour instead. Then you put a cobble wall in the middle, in reality, I was just gravel between the house instead of dirt, but I apologise for that. :0, I was going to propose to you to use that space as a sharedbut you were never online at the time.

Banned by koalamama.

Huh? D:

Um guys, I think I broke the code, im on my phone and its quite laggy and I clicked modify smh.

Urgh, should I make a new post orr D:

Please make a new post, I’ll lock this.