Minecraft Username: David_2020

Date of Ban: 03-30-2020

Banned by: I have no clue

Reason for Ban: I was “building to close to someone”. I dont believe this is true because I originally had plans for the area and Gordo built a interstate there reducing the land that I can build on.

Reason to be Unbanned: It was a mistake on the person who banned me because i was doing what i had planned but who ever built the interstate there messed all my planning up.

Previous appeals: Not on this server

Temp-Banned by @Filipenis last night (March 30th, 2020) (Will not show up under the forum’s ban list due to the temp-ban)

From my understanding your city and Gordo’s cities grew into each other, which is completely normal but can cause disputes. These disputes should be easily resolved but can get out of hand. Fili moderated the dispute between you and Gordo, so this is his call.

Well from what I saw gili was taking Gordon’s side and telling me that I’m not good at building cause of my road.

No idea if I’m allowed to give my side or not here so sorry if this is a bad thing but David you continuously expanded into my city, which was well over the 200 block distance from yours. I had fili log a recently built road/building closest to my city and it was created within the week, as opposed to my city which has existed in the same spot (without expansion towards you) for months. I’m not sure why you believe that I’ve been expanding towards you considering you have been the only one to progress at this location.

But the last time I checked I built a smaller road there before. And then you kept building closer to me. You could have built on the other side of you city

Using the dynmap can either/both of you provide exact coordinates of the disputed land, and the builds that would properly date the first use of the land? I can record logs of the coordinates you provide. A fair way to resolve disputes like these is an agreement to a solid border along an axis mediated by a staff member.

I think fili made something but we will just see his response


David, you keep saying that you “had plans” for the area near Gordo’s city.

However you need to realize that when you have two cities close together, and they expand toward eachother, which is inevitable, agreements between the two cities and their respective owners/officials need to be made in order to not have conflict.

In this case, you CLEARLY expanded in the direction of Gordo’s city, well within 200 blocks, and forced your way toward him. You DID NOT come to an agreement with Gordo before doing so, and that’s why you’re where you’re at now. Obviously Gordo took offense to this.

You keep saying I’m siding with Gordo on this… Well of course, it’s extremely cut and dry. His city and that interchange which alot of hard work went into were clearly there first, a month+ in fact, before you built your mall and the roads surrounding it. Quit blaming others for your disregarding of Gordo when you expanded toward him.

Banning you was ENTIRELY avoidable, instead of coming to an agreement with Gordo, you left us with " [Tue, 31. Mar 2020 00:19:15 UTC INFO] [Member] < David_2020 > omfg im done with your complainging tell me whn this serer restates its maps*[* 5:19 PM ]" yesterday.

To be frank, I don’t at all appreciate when people don’t own up to their mistakes and instead point fingers at someone else. I am not quick to ban anyone whatsoever, but it really disappointed me when you got a big attitude with us when it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you, in fact, expanded toward him. That was extremely childish of you.

As far as I’m concerned, unless you’re willing to work with Gordo on an agreement, you can wait out your ban.

Well before he made that interchange he should have seen that I can expand another ways cause I’m surrounded by 3 other cities. He could have asked about the interchange and asked if it was fine and he could have told me that dont build near this. To me it’s not really a city property it’s an interstate. So I dont see why it’s bad to build near an interstate when he cant build on my side.

This interstate is within his city. This interstate was an agreement between ColinH, Gordo, and Vex. All parties came to an agreement on it like adults.

Noone should have to tell you to not expand toward their cities dude, it’s common sense you don’t expand toward another player without permission or coming to an agreement. I don’t know what’s so hard to grasp here. By building toward the interstate you are building toward his city, and are well within the 200 blocks of buffer required. I can’t unban you if you’re not willing to see why you’re at fault here when its so straightforward.

Don’t know why you keep arguing. Sit out your ban guy.


(Edit by jmvvana to clarify that it is a temp-ban, I believe 1 week [feel free to correct if I’m incorrect])