dantosky - 24th of July, 2016


Minecraft Username dantosky

Date of Ban 24th of July, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by maddygabbyy

Reason for Ban Xray in smp

Reason to be Unbanned I was not hacking nor having hacks installed I never wanted to and never want to install hacks. I promise from deep in my heart that I wasnt using any type of hacks or xray things.
I really liked this server and I want to keep playing in it.


[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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It was very suspicious when you said that you had 12 stacks of diamonds earlier in chat. And then you went on a huge mining adventure with CallumWebb123, whbilbo, Itz_Andre12, and Pollux__. Callum and Will both pmed me and shared their concerns for thinking you were using xray as well. So I went into vanish to see what happened. You mined straight and then turned back a bit and mined and found diamonds almost immediately. I waited to see if it happened again and it did. You had a very specific path and it definitely looked like xray.

i was not mining with them, i was just there collecting 3 1/2 stacks of diamonds from Pollux__, which were probably x-ray’d.

But the way he was mining was very suspicious, very random directions, going straight for something we couldn’t see, i am very sure he was using x-ray.

I just heard dantosky saying he has 26 diamonds on his hand and i said to will he was lucky but i didn’t know he’s using hacks because he was randomly mining forward and he finds the diamonds randomly and easily like he’s the luckiest of the server. I was just mining randomly too but all i can find is iron or red stone and a few diamonds i mine on every side of the caves in survival…

originally when i overheard that Dan had many stacks of diamonds i thought that it was somewhat suspicious. so i told Maddy only to find out that Callum also thought something was going on. i asked Dan if i could go mining and he said sure, maddy also told me that it was a good idea eventually he found many diamonds and then Maddy banned him. i also feel that he had X-ray as he randomly went into different directions and always seemed to find diamonds.

I really would like to keep playing on this server, this is the server where I spend all time on and I would like to keep playing on it. I would really appreciate if you could give me a second chance to show that I was not using xray hacks.

Thank you

Edit - double post:
I’m So sorry about that I said I had 12 stacks of Diamonds. It was a joke. I only have 1.

Please dont double post.

As this is your first offence, I am willing to unban. But you are on really thin ice.

Unbanned. Locked.