Honestly I have never thought I would reach this point on pcb. It is an honor to be with y’all. I feel greatful. This journey with y’all was a rollercoaster, but it was worth it because it was with you guys! I’d also like to thank Pamda, koala, and robin. They are so supportive and amazing. Y’all are my sexies. Congrats to Koala and Panda as we’ll! Ily all! ~Javi

(BTW 400th Post yaaaassssss)

Congrazzles Javi, Koala and panda! I knew u could all do it! Gl for your future on PCB and let’s hope all of you will get SOP one day because I know you guys can do it! CONGRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZLES


Congratzels, If you need any help with any of your 5 new commands such as… spawning a BIG TREE and idk being an OP, just ask zak, cause I don’t know them at all… Gratz Mate. (also 600th post!)

Thanks m8s!


congratz Javi I am so proud of you!

Hell yeah, I can teach you how to make big trees.

Ily, gratz to my future next door neighbor :smiley: