Damned memorie leaks

recently i have lost alot of items due to memory leaks i just lost 24 iron ingots leos lost iron and gold and lots of it due to memorie leaks is there a way to fix this?

This is true i lost about 25 gold ingots half a stack of iron and a stack of wool

i lost a shitton of items, some of wich andy allowed me to have and are impossible to get I.E. grass blocks. while all my items i needed were in warehouse, they are gone now, gold diamong and iron ;(

gggeeee are you saying that you put items in the chests at the warehouse and they are gone now? Did you lock the chests?

i locked the chests, i had vai check them, but i returned later and found my chests back to normal, it was probably some sort of glitch

Its called looking in the wrong chests?
Or maybe it was a glitch

Either way we can restore the entire warehouse from a snapshot.