Damned again?!

Hello pcb i really dont know what i did but im damned again please explain

Its survival i dont know who baned me and it said: Disconnected by server The banhammer has spoken

not me XD

Pease who did it posT it here
I miss pcb really

I am ip banned i cant use web and server

Im ingame banned too and what u did didnt help

I don’t understand why you should still be banned. Andy manually removed your ip from the server text files, and your name also.

The server probably has to restart for it to actually let him in, and I don’t think the server has (or really ever has needed to) restart

So exally i must be banned for a long time?!

not trying to be a dick or anything, but this is exactly why you shouldn’t pester the crap outta people on the web XD

i know you learned your lesson and all, but just a reminder to others

Be patient, you will be unbanned next time the server restarts. We now know this so there is no need to ask us about it again.

Updating here as well. Ocram is still banned as of today. I just found a ban trigger on his forum accounts and I removed them. I would assume the servers have reset by now.