you guys are probably gonna yell at me but… can someone buy me minecraft? :-\

-_- Well least you had an idea as what to expect. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you can find someone who LOVES you, then i can bet that nobody on here will buy you minecraft, or something like that.

Yeah, if you have money to buy MC for andy, then you have the money to DONATE too. I do wish you luck though.

Lol, Shameless advertising (I’m sure there is another word that fits better).

It was worth him trying.
The way I got minecraft was through a friend I hadn’t spoken too in years xD
He added me on facebook, and had a creeper Photoshopped behind him in his picture, so I said something along the lines of: :open_mouth: minecraft ftw. blah blah conversation blah blah I doubt I’ll be getting it any time soon :confused: blah parents don’t like spending money online blah. Then he sent me a giftcode and I was all like O_o wait… seriously?! no… no… WOOO!
Its good to know there are still some generous kind people still around :slight_smile:

meh next pay check if i make enough i MAY… MAY buy a gift code for ya.

Well, i had trouble convincing my dad to let me use some gift card he had. Now my brothers have been trying to convince him to let them use his credit card and buy them an account, it never really worked. :stuck_out_tongue: They have been trying for months now. XD

Lol, I got mine for free because of the previous server I joined almost a year ago, the owner proposed the members :

“If you buy a gift code to one of my OPs+, you shall receive OP status.”

And I was a OP back then, and eventually someone bought me Alpha. :smiley:

You’re pretty lucky if someone in PCB is nice enough to buy you one, especially since minecraft costs quite a lot. Good Luck to ya! xD

Yeah, that and the generation above us, the majority still do not trust the internet.

THANK YOU SHADOW! is there any way i can repay you?

lets just say you owe me a favor and leave it at that

jaw drops

I was just about to make a thread on this…

Ragequitz :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry Sword. Not going to be able to buy more than one. perhaps you can beat one outta Kyle or Fatso?

This reminds me of the bowling alley/Arcade that I went to… Were were just sitting there waiting for bitches to get out our lane which they had taken without permission, and then these 2 little kids went up to my dad asking for money -_-

But no I could HARDLY get mc for myself since my dad doesn’t like giving out his credit card details…

I feel left out…

Please can someone buy me a Gift Code?

Il be Forever in your Debt

Please Get Me one. Please i am theoretically on my knees begging!!


Why us? D=
Its not like we are made of money or have more then other people XD

dont lie. you know you wanna Fatso 8)

idk i think i pointed you guys out cause (if im not mistaken) your both older-ish and from Classic…

Mostly true. But if you want to bug someone with cash to burn, I would bet on Fili.

Though I have a job, every cent is owed and more to my college. The debt is astronomical. Get this, each class is costing me about $1,800. I have about 10 classes a year.

I’m so glad uni is subsidised for Welsh students… I think we have to pay £3000, the rest is subsidised! But that doesn’t cover living costs and such, just the main uni fee.

welll sheiss.

my school is only like… $700/class, plus the rediculous amount of cash it takes to get there (my school is an hour away from my house with gas prices being nearly $4.00/gal -_-…

and im about to quit school and start teaching myself seeing as thats exactly what ive basically been doing latly… .