currently xQuyenx but it was DisneyFan07

Minecraft Username: currently xQuyenx but it was DisneyFan07

Date of Ban: I don’t even remember it was sometime in April I believe

Banned by: his name was wiblo or something

Reason for Ban: I was banned for deleting some blocks on a island by mistake it has been a wile though.

Reason to be Unbanned: I am looking to get back into the the server because this is a incredible building community that I wish I never made dumb mistakes in.

Previous appeals: I was only banned twice and I still am.
Also I am banned from the discord my discord is Goldnuts#3032

Hello DisneyFan07/xQuyenx.
You were banned for greifing in Creative Multiplayer and for some questionable behaviour in Survival. Since this happened a while ago and I personally would’ve liked to see an attitude change before you arrived. However, I’ll be lenient and let you go. for now.
Unbanned, Lock