Current Map is Nonpermanant

Due to all the bugs we are finding this map will be nonpermanant. This means it will be wiped at some point.

The map wipe will occur when the server is upgraded and gets a live map, so it could be months away.

Bu… Bu… But our mansion D: you mean we’ll have to start again? We’re just getting into the good stuff :frowning:

I will out build your mansion! I wonder if there is a mansion building machine.

Now that I think about it, I think the meanest and cruellest prank I could play would be to deconstruct your mansion block by block and convert everything into sticky resin and leave them in a chest where your mansion used to be. You basically lose nothing but at the same time you have lost everything! Mwahahaha

Ugh, can we at least copy this build over? We’ve already scrapped everything once, but this time we’ve actually made quite a lot of progress.

Can we at least take snapshots to get our stuff back when it happens?

Guys, this will be months. I don’t think Tekkit items paste well but you can try to save it anyway. I think the server will have pretty regular wipes because there is a world border so resources will be exhausted eventually, and it’s much easier to do that in Tekkit than vanilla. New players need to have a chance to get items without a market, which we will eventually have.

Yeah, fair enough. And you are correct about the items, such as pipes, diamond chests, and many others actually… If its months away I’m not too bothered, its nice to start again every now and then.

Well, could we have a period of a week, that we can move our stuff from one world to another, similar to the survival move?

finally a fresh start :smiley: i die all the time :frowning:

Wait, you’re talking about Tekkit right? Please be talking about Tekkit

Note the forum section it’s in :stuck_out_tongue: