Im just curious, has anyone noticed my absence? If so how many people actualy care im gone?

not really, been too busy working on here

But i did take a screenshot today of a nice area on our map

And found this:

Ou hai thar herobrine!

I’ve been in FTB quite a lot and have not really noticed. Sorry! What have you been up to? Why the absence?

Oh, and that image is terrifying!

I certainly did notice that I haven’t seen you around for quite a lil bit of time!
Haha, where you been off to sword?

Mainly been playing tf2 a bit (senior admin. Aka highest rank next to co owner/owner) and a lot of problems have been showing up there. Ive apso been busy working and doing drugs, getting arrested, going on mass murders, killing zombies, ect. (Jk) i recently got the game the last of us. Beat it in 10 hours. XD

If you check my youtube, i did record hexxit and a tf2 random clip on someone who is on medication for different things. Other than that. Reading.

Hahaha xD
Well all that sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself busy! Lol. I’ve really been wanting to play the last of us. Is it a good game?

And why dontcha pop on for a hello sometime? I’m sure peoples other than silly 'ol me have been missing your company :3

I watched a playthrough of the Last of Us as I don’t usually like playing those type of games, but wanted the story. And holy crap its good. Very emotional.

I missed u on classic, swordy =P

Im so behind on games that i really need to go do that, as i dont see it being on the top of my “To Play” List…

Do it. Do it do it do it do it do it.

Do it. There are very few games that make me actually feel sad or upset. This and The Walking Dead both did. The intro to The Last of Us… oh man, my feels.

I do recommend the game. Very fun. Cqn be slow at some parts buf still a very good game. I think they could make a,sequal or a dlc for it though

I still think its about Bill and Zoey from Left For Dead! could be a prequel before they met Francis and Louis XD

…Mother of god. takes off glasses

What has been seen can never be unseen!

And omg that opening made me cry like a fucking baby!

game is really good,it will deff be on my “to play”, list