Minecraft Username: crypticbennyy

Date of Ban: 9/ 19/ 2020

Banned by: filipingus

Reason for Ban: I have banned for disrespecting a player. By saying welcome to my dick when he joined.

Reason to be Unbanned: I feel like i should be unbanned because i was just joking and i did not know i would have got banned for that. I know i was on thin ice but i feel like i should get a second chance. I like playing with all u guys and u were all my friends but now i cant play with u guys.

Previous appeals: no

I banned you for saying that. But you’ve already had a player report against you by Bane that outlines multiple infractions and complaints from other players including him.

You knew you were already on thin ice so you definitely should have known better.

I asked anyone else involved or with input to chime in, we’ll see what they have to say and then we’ll go from there.

So most likely im being perma banned

While Bane did use something that I said in the banning process of you benny (Sorry) I said that I only thought that it was you, had no evidence, and shaky memory at best of that event. I hope that you are unbanned whenever it is correct for a general chat disturbance and not for any other infractions at least that may have been tacked on due to my part. I am sorry for saying this to Bane, I was very unsure and should have kept it to my self. -Tyler

Knowing that I was involved in sharing information leading to this ban, I would like to comment.

Ben, I know you had no intention on breaking any guidelines, and to be fair, your first offense (in July) was influenced by another player who was trying to help.

I know you’ve not only intended to follow the rules, but you also felt very bad and were very apologetic whenever you broke them. I feel you, and I understand your situation with compassion, given that I was in a similar position at your age.
However, there are only so many rule violations that can happen before someone completely snaps, and I found myself in that position, 2 days ago.

Guideline after guideline was broken, with the occasional other PCB rule break.
There were about 9 instances where you repeatedly broke guideline zones, either covering the sidewalk or substantially reducing adjacent build slots.
Around 11 logblock-requiring incidents occurred under your name, where you placed random stuff on both sidewalks, streets, and slots across Dixieville. I never gave you permission to build in those places, and that is against PCB Rules.
On occasion, the way you responded when I said “no” to your requests were disrespectful and careless, despite my tolerance for that. The occasional mini-tantrum over me saying “no” did not help your case, either.
The last offense in my city, came when you said you would read the rules. As soon as you said it, I watched you step on the pressure plate (for the rulebook) for the first time, step off, and immediately say, “Bane, I read it.”
That, to me, is being dishonest. That moment is when I decided to report you.

At times, I have also seen you spam (in-chat) and nag both Totqlity and me, along with a few other players. Being clingy is a very damaging and unhealthy habit, and you need to respect other players’ privacy.

I know you were joking, but when we’re welcoming a new player to PCB, you saying “Welcome to my dick” was both uncalled for and inconsiderate. That new player could be 8 or 9 years old.

Ben, I know you did not mean to break all these rules/guidelines, but you broke the same ones over and over again. Given that you had around 3 months to learn the rules, the increased rate of offenses in this past week was absolutely intolerable.

In my opinion (knowing your age), I’m afraid that it may take 3-6 months for you to improve your habits and behavior, to show that you can be more trustworthy on this server. And possibly, that time may not be long enough. Remember, it took me 3 years to mature on PCB.

Again, I know you are a player with promising intentions,
but you need to fix up and mature. I’m afraid that will require some time. Patience is a virtue, and I think you need a reality check on it. Remember, there’s a difference between a suggestion and a rule.
I hope this is could be a long turning-point for the better (for you), and I hope that you will grow more mature, with time. But for now, grow up.


forget it im banned forever theres no point if im banned for over 3 to 6 months

Hello everyone, its Tot,

I personally had been affected littlie by benny or his friends due to what Bane was telling me and what I had been witnessing in neighboring Dixieville. I was with Bane for most of benny’s offences, even his most recent offense in Dixieville. Benny asked to build a dock into a river on the outskirts of the city. Bane had given benny permission to build a dock as long as it didn’t take up most (as in more than half) of the width of the river. Benny, being on a streak of disregarding the building rules of Dixieville, built a dock that took about 3/4 width of the river and two boats.

Benny had also asked me about 3-4 times to build in Kansas City (his city). I had repeatedly said no. If I’m correct, he also nagged buns on as well to build in his city but you would need to ask buns on this because I am not him and I do not know his levels of patience.

I was also in a discord voice-chat and I was conversating with other peers. Ben kept talking over me trying to get my attention. Not only did it make others not being able to hear in the voice chat, but it was incredibly rude.

Benny, If you see this, I wish for the best. You’re attitude towards Bane and other members of our lovely community is appalling. You haven’t proved to us you are capable of being in an environment like that of PCB. We had middle-ground standards for you and you under achieved. Our bar isn’t too high to meet and you seem to be stuck on the ground. This may seem like I’m trashing you, but it’s just the reality of things. As Bane said earlier, you need to grow up. You aren’t a kid anymore and you need to understand that there is a time and place for everything.

This doesn’t mean you cant grow. Growth is apart of life that comes with time and patience. I hope that you can find maturity in your early teenage years. I remember being your age and being in the same boat as you. Its like the phrase “Young and Dumb”. Dumb doesn’t mean you aren’t smart or stupid, but “dumbness” is found in all of us. You just need to find your boundaries and you’ll be 10x more mature in no time.

I’m sorry if this seems dragged out and or a mess to read (writing isn’t my strong-suite).

Best Regards, Totqlity “Tot”


its fine guys im banned i get it see u later :sob:


I’ve decided a monthlong ban is in order. I know we all mess around on the server (including me obviously) from time to time but these things other members have brought up are concerning.

From what I’ve been told as far as chatting on VC with others goes, you are mature and definitely a smart person, but that means you should know better than to ignore rules bluntly laid out by others for their cities.

Also, I agree with what others have brought up about you being needy/demanding. While this is by no needs ground for a ban, these aren’t the best traits to have and generally make you a less-appealing person to work with and talk to in general.

You will be unbanned in a month.

I expect that when you come back, which I hope you will because this should stand as a lesson rather than a permanent label on you, that you are a bit more grounded and easier to work with. I hope also that you are less demanding/needy toward other members of the server as this seems to be a recurring point others bring up with your attitude.

I don’t think you’re a bad guy at all, I think you have good intentions and maybe sometimes don’t mean to be some of these negative qualities brought up here. So please come back with a better attitude and willingness to work with others without breaking the rules they set forward in their cities.

Thank you

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So im banned for one month. Ok but will my city be deleted :frowning: but the thing is i have austin and nolan who own it to. what will happen to my city

Your city will stay, no worries.

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well i quess when i get in the server all leave yall alone

Today @bennnyyyOP logged in on an alt account ‘Noliopolio76’ to try and avoid his ban.

@thejoshua79 caught onto this and proceeded to ip-ban Nolio.

Benny, you are now permanently banned from PCB and its associated services. Alternate account usage to avoid a ban is not tolerated whatsoever.