croczilla2 ban appel

i am so srry for taking the diamonds and stuff i didnt relise i couldnt grief but i tryed to put them back but then when i put them back the mods said it was fine that i took and put back and they said it was no big deal and this is my favorite server it is welmannagged server and i love it once again i hope u will let me back n the server

On most servers, they have a rule of no griefing. Like you said. This is a well managed server. 99.9% of all well managed servers have a no griefing rule.

You were banned by both Semi and Cherry for Greifing.

[size=small]Yup… You really griefed my emerald bridge if you remember. I don’t know why you would grief to begin with even if you thought it was ok. I dont quite understand the pleasure some people get from it. But thats creative…You shouldnt be griefing things especially. Before I even could dare consider an apology you best read the rules of the server hun.