Creeper50306 - 20th of November, 2017


Minecraft Username Creeper50306

Date of Ban 20th of November, 2017
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by idk

Reason for Ban built a firework machine

Reason to be Unbanned to help my bro build a city

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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Banned by @EstevaoBuilder

You built a firework machine where you should not, you had no permission and it was considered grief. Do not repeat this.

EDIT: New information has arisen: You were portrayed as being rude and making noise on discord, being muted for 5 minutes. Could you explain everything? I’m not unbanning if you don’t have a better reason for me to do it, your appeal looks rather poor.

I was on discord to witness some form of annoying screech and mind numbing nonsense I briefly muted him and almost didn’t stop. Was contemplating kicking him from discord.


48 hours to answer.

i am sorry for doing the screatching in the dis i am sorry for the grefing to all i want to do is play with my bro and all i want to do is play with him i am not going to to talk to any of the admins again.

Aside from all the information listed in this ban appeal, I’d appreciate it if you could put more effort in a ban appeal might it ever happen again. Literally typing 2 sentences in 1 minute or something, does not really give me the impression that you would like to get an unban.

Also look at older good ban appeals, that might help get an idea for what to write since this is your first ban appeal.

Bump @EstevaoBuilder

Ample response time. I’ll go ahead and lock this so I don’t have to see that annoying (1) every time I log on.

Locked and resolved. Better luck next time.