credits for registering not appearing

I’ve been all over this site trying to find the best place to post this question. I’m settling on here (if there was a place it would have been better …let me know). The issue I’m having is that I registered with this site and did not get sign up credits. I’ve tried the suggestion of logging out and reentering…no luck there. Unfortunately, I received confusing advice from a friend who said spending my initial $100 would not matter because I could sell things in the market to participate in the economy aspect. Well now I have no money to buy a sign for my storefront…oops. Can’t borrow from my brother, x10mark2, cuz he has the same friend :frowning: How do we proceed from here…forever poor in cyberwold aka goobydooo

There actually isn’t a bonus for signing up on the forums at the moment. The ranks page needs updating. However if you want to earn $100 in game every day, you can vote for our server at:

Also to earn money you can sell diamonds and emeralds to the Admin Shops, or sell your items to player shops. I know there a few people in short supply of logs and are willing to pay some good money for them. And remember mining is always the best way to earn money when you are starting out!

I give money away for free if u write me a reason why you deserve the money with a book and quil. Sorta like welfare except im not paying u money every month and we don’t have taxes.

Thanks Dragon_Slayer24. I like quills and books as much as swords and stones…but I’m a super newbie goobydooo-bie…how do I send you a message with a quill and book

Just write a book on why u derserve it and when i catch u on i will read it. Ill be on in like 4-5 hours

<3 you too goobydooo xD

Lol “GoobyDoo-bie” good one

This appears resolved so I am locking it. Glad you now know some sources of revenue. Oh, you may also want to invest in the PCB Bank or the player bank. Both let your earn interest on your money. Both are in the Market if you can find em!