CREATIVE: Work and Plots

Attention Members: Looking for a city or town to build in but unsure if the city owner is ok with it? In case you’ve had this concern before there’s no need to worry! Look throughout the comments if you are looking for work in someones city if you’d like to build somewhere as a team! If you need to make a building submission to city owners the best place to build for kicks and temporary display is /warp Freebuild

Attention City Owners: Are you in need of player activity in your town? Post below a warp if you have a city (if you don’t have a warp post coords) and give land to members who are interested to build! Be sure to mention the type of buildings that are allowed for your area and if building may require submissions (please conduct in game or privately on forums if you do so NOT here). Also be sure to mention building conditions (failure to meet expectations, building more/less, touching other peoples builds, etc.) and to provide best reach of contact! (forums Mail, in-game Message, looking for work board in city perhaps?) The choice is yours and it’s time we give a chance to members who may be looking to build in cities as soon as they join.

You should only be commenting if you are a city owner, or if you are starting a city and you need or are allowing members to build with you. Any grief caused by work should be reported to a staff member if any agreements go out of favor


I’ll be the first to comment sorry for Double Post

/Warp Raymont
Open to all Members, no submissions needed

Roads have been fixed, some inactive players builds have been removed, and some space is available at the newly renovated Acra-Raymont Highway. Feel free to add roads of the same style and add whatever you like! Raymont is a city freebuild so feel free to build in whatever style you like, please be considerate of other builds currently standing and please don’t take up so much space so others can build as well. Ignore the Plot System at the warp, it’s not relevant since Raymont has been an established freebuild since the start of this map. No permission is needed so build as you like, follow the rules, please let me know in game or through forum message if you run into any issues or questions since I’m Raymont’s rightful owner!

/warp Ferguson (Not affiliated with the Ferguson which rioted a couple months ago)

Still got plots open. Basically an overflow for Raymont.
Feel free to build anything you want in the correct plots. Red = Residential, Blue = Commercial, Green = Parks.

/warp parkcity

Not freebuild. :slight_smile:

A new city project by me! Please ask either AngelSentinel or I to build; we’ll request to view a previous build of yours before construction is allowed. Currently we have one main area; Downtown. However, the Medical Center is coming up quickly and will act as a second Downtown area, encompassing what was formerly known as Oak Ridge. For plots:

Basically, red/pink plots are residential and blue plots are commercial. Here’s a more in-depth view at the plot categories.

Red: Low Density (houses/townhomes)
Magenta: Medium Density (small condos/apts)
Light Pink: High Density (apartment towers)

Dark Blue: Low Density (small shops/grocery stores etc.)
Cyan: Medium Density (department stores/malls)
Light Blue: High Density (skyscrapers/offices)

Other plots
Green: Greenspace (parks/art installations)
Light Gray: Reserved/Municipal (don’t build here, please!)

Owner/Founder, Park City

will be /warp NewKalipso (still havent gotten a warp) but u can tpa to me anytime! i just need to fill the empty plots and i need builders who are skilled at modern style and houses

Please don’t necro posts. This has been inactive for over half a year, and was relating to the previous Creative map.
It was un-stickied for a reason.


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