Creative Transport - WHO MADE THESE?!

Hi everyone,
I’d like to know who is responsible for making these:

And I want to know where do I get them?! I know they’re made using a map and shit, but if someone already has them made, ill just make a copy :slight_smile:

Also, where are the co-ords where you made them, so that I can make my own using it as a template?

Much thanks, many loves,
Mannriah <3

Edit:Found them in Big City, thanks jacob (I’m assuming you made them, cause it says ‘New Empire’.

AFAIK, those aren’t supposed to be there. Didn’t we disable that plugin due to the fact that it lagged the shit out of the server?

The plugin is FramePicture, I think.

Its not FramePicture, Its using maps placed on item frames, they’ve been made using blocks on a huge scale! :slight_smile:

oml didn’t even realize that

One question: Doesn’t that use a LOT of land?

I think @Asmodean_ might have made them as that’s his map design.

Asmo is guilty as charged :stuck_out_tongue: Yea they take a LOT of land, but I’m sure Fili won’t mind if we make these high in the sky above Rancho wink wink :stuck_out_tongue:

Asmo made them. And yes it does use a lot of land, but Asmo builds one on top of the other, so that space is freed.
He has apparently worked out a way to “freeze” the maps.

Once the maps are moved from BigCity to Creative, they become static, because they aren’t compatible with multiverse. So, they won’t change after you capture them, once you move them to Creative :slight_smile:

Wow, you got me! It’s in BigCity (since I have W/E there) and pretty easy to find on dynamap. If you have any requests for me to do for station names, fire away!

These look really good!! ;D


But, how about UNDER Rancho? It’s W/E’d, so there’s land underneath. We could light the place up.

@Asmodean_ Guilty on account of FramePicture evasion. Ngl, they look really nice.

lol, I’m working on a map

Use this it’s easier: