Creative Server Update

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The creative server has been updated to the latest version of Bukkit! The world is now 16,000x16,000, with all previous builds from the 1.8 server retained. Check out some of the builds using dynamic map. Click here to see the map from top down or isometric view.

Creative server IP:


Also, I can’t access the map, it asks for McMyAdmin Username and Password?

Sorry I used the wrong port. That should work now. The server might be a bit laggy while it completes the initial render. But you will see that the world is massive.

Is there a map like that for Survival as well? That would be yay.

Also, my airship is too frikkin big :3.

Sweet! Now only if minecraft will let me login damnit!

The only reason the creative map is so big is because we removed the ram disk. The creative map is now almost 5gb in size, which would cost way too much to get enough ram for Java and the map at the same time (at least 8gb).

We are using the creative server as a test to see how the hard drives hold up and whether there is any lag.

They are ninjas, they planned this >:U

Interesting, hopefully the normal drives will hold up fine with enough performance. I’m curious if an ssd is possible because that would be a good blend of size and performance.

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Thats my error on trying to load creative map.

What happens to all our saved home locations? I have no idea where my house is, or the Redstone Playground, or my hotel resort…?

Ah, those along with any locks on items gets removed with massive map changes. I believe you will have to find them again the old fashioned way. It took me a while to find my place.

Always write coords on a piece of paper or notepad doc xD

Pretty annoying we can’t see on the homepage who is on creative. Fixit?

Sorry about the slow progress with the servers. I am working 60 hr weeks at the moment for the next few months and andy is busy doing some programming work. Plus andy’s internet has been down for 2 days now. All I can say is be patient! It will get done soon. Hopefully.