Creative Server Dynamic Map

Is there any way to get this working?

It shows as webpage error for me, does anyone get this same issue?

_andy, will there be anything done to make the creative dynamic map available?

I dont think we have the plugin, My guess would be we get it back in 1.9 :stuck_out_tongue:

listen to notch’s twitter! no 1.9, full release (1.0) on this friday! AKA 11/11/11 or, Remembrance Day!

Yes Minecraft 1.0 was planned to come out on 11/11/2011 for months now brodur… lol

ZOMG :smiley:

Sorry guys, the Minecraft release date is 18th of November - during MineCon where he will be publicly launching it. 11.11.11 is the release date for Skyrim :stuck_out_tongue:

The Creative map (and possibly the survival) may be making a return in 1.9 as long as I can work around some issues it causes.

^this :stuck_out_tongue: Notch changed it, as Skyrim being on the same day, along with a few other games, minecraft would get overlooked mostly.

Also the whole “Scrolls” trademark case. It’s probably in their best interest to avoid any more conflict with Bethesda :stuck_out_tongue:

i think it’d be awesome to have minecraft come out 11/11/11 and have it sell more than anything bethseda, and watch bethseda have a huge bitchfit xD