Creative Server Back Online

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Due to an influx of griefers during a period of time in which the server was not fully prepared, the map has been rolled back to 12am today. The server is now back up and functioning.

Sorry for the inconvenience

The server doesn’t appear to be functioning. Liam has tried resetting it several times and I still can’t connect. Is it a problem at the host’s end?

Yeah it’s broken :frowning:

Indeed it is. I updated the announcement post about it.

Is it down again? Maybe it was my bad timing but the two times I’ve tried to come on today it has been down. Or is it just me?

It is down again, indeed

It is back up again. We took it down for a 10 hour period as we had a few hundred “unwelcome” visitors.

i cant log in still?

yeah i still cant login either

Sorry. One of those players last night seems to have caused a lot of damage to our server configurations. I’m not going to resort to backups yet. Andy will be able to look into it in about 3 hours.

Until then, play our old 1.8 server

Man hate these incidents. Hope we can stop these easy in the future as plugins get better and have less holes.


Has anyone with mod+ authority been on the old server since the new one came up? If not it may have been overrun by griefers

Our permissions plugin should be getting an update any time soon. The only way they can build is by signing up.

In the meantime, for those in the US/torrenting people, Community is back for season 3. Go watch it. Now.

I’ll be running some tests to see what we can do about Beta 1.9 terrain generation on our current map.

And shadowhand1999, our 1.7.3 server is fine, but the old 1.8 server is pretty ruined. But we don’t care too much. There are some nice griefing water spheres and brush tool hack “art” around the place in our server.

it has lol i was just on it

I was refering to the old 1.8 creative server…

i thought we were getting rid of the old creative one (the one with the ip of 64.31 etc)

We are. Soon.