[CREATIVE] National Railways

Hello everybody!

In an effort to provide (slightly) more usable transportation infrastructure on the Creative map, YoshioTanabe and I have started National Railways. We’ve started working on some routes in the Acra City/Raymont area, but are hoping to expand further to the east and west to reach some more far-out regions.
Current Routes and Stops

Raymont Regional
Longbow Castle (Acra City)
Emerald Mosque (Acra City)
Raymont Medical Center (Raymont)
South Raymont (Raymont)
Raymont Freeway Corridor (Raymont)
Ocean City International Airport (Ocean City) - under construction

Verona Regional
Verona Station (Verona)
Downtown Raymont (Raymont)

Rancho Regional
Rancho Cucamonga (Rancho Cucamonga)
Downtown Raymont (Raymont)

We’ve got a couple more routes that are still in the planning stage, so keep your eyes peeled on this section.
Contributing to National Railways
Building a rail system across a server is generally near-impossible to do with just two people. That’s why we ask that if you own a town/city and wish to be connected in the system, you should take action in building or expanding a route. On the other hand, having everyone build without prior coordination is also a recipe for disaster. That’s why we’ve come up with this set of guidelines on how to expand an existing route or create a new one. PLEASE read them BEFORE you begin any work.

  1. Look at the interactive map for this server at http://pcbmc.co:8123. Try to find your city (if you don’t know where it is, log into the game, go to your city, and find your avatar).
  2. Look for cities around you. Decide if you want an east-west or a north-south route. We’ve introduced only one loop route so far (the Acra City loop), and they are generally harder to plan, but if you decide to open one, we will be glad to work with that if it’s the most appropriate option.
  3. Reserve space, at least within your own city, for the rail corridor. Find a space for the tracks and a station, and make sure others don’t occupy it. However, don’t start building just yet.
  4. Coordinate with nearby city/property owners. Negotiate a continuous route between cities (think states within the US negotiating a route for an interstate highway).
  5. Contact Yoshio or me to get your route approved. We may decide to turn down routes for several reasons; for example, there may already be a parallel route nearby.
  6. Once a route has been finalized, each city/property owner can commence construction within their region. Tracks in National Railways drive on the right.
  7. Do NOT place signage in any stations, there is a very specific format we use for signs on platforms. YoshioTanabe will gladly place the signs within your station.

You may use this thread to provide questions and comments on any route(s) in the National Railways system and also to negotiate with others to create rail routes.

I like the idea, though, you’ve given yourself one hell of a project.

Best of luck with it.

It would be REALLY cool if you could make it realistic too! This is a great idea! Creative needs more love. =3

Nice! good luck with this project! :smiley:

I can make a pretty london underground style map if you want!

Yeah if you want I could also help conjure up something like the aussie cityrail

I’ll definitely take you up on that offer, but you should probably wait until we get some more stations, or else you’ll constantly be editing your maps.

Definitely ask YoshioTanabe if you wanna help with anything stylistically for the stations, and we’re pretty lax with how the actual tracks look.

Thought I’d provide everyone a quick update on things; despite the rise of the recent PCB Subway franchise, we’re not quite dead just yet ;D

Currently, we’ve finished some minor renovations in some stations here and there. Next up, we’re building a line from Acra City (exact station of origin TBD) eastwards towards Ferguson, and ending for now at the Tri-city International Airport.

From the airport, we’ll be constructing another line towards Empire. Both stations on this second route have been completed, and we suspect this route (airport to Empire) to be open fairly soon.

Hello all!

Thanks for the love and support, everyone! Just to reinforce what Angel said, cause he’s right on track with this forum post, we are definitely expanding out to further reaches with our current staff and guest builders, so please feel free to ask one of us to help! We are also definitely open to new ideas if you have a town that needs some more support as well!

Here’s the current staff of National Railways:

YoshioTanabe: President and Founder (and builder)
AngelSentinel: Vice President and Deputy Build Manager (and builder)
tomicalover: Design Manager and Builder
imamathgeek: Tunnel Manager and Builder

If you need any help or have a question, feel free to ask either Angel or I!

President and Founder,
National Railways

P.S: National Railways might have a website soon! Look for it in the forums coming up!

To reply to Jet, we’re trying to make NR as realistic as possible, but not mimicking another system. If you’ve got a suggestion, we’d love to hear it!


I’ll make a press release now. :slight_smile: Nice graphic!

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Hello PCB!

National Railways has some exciting news! We have proudly opened the Epsilon City extension of the Verona Regional Line this Sunday! Our previous route spanned the distance of Raymont - Verona, and we have just added the Epsilon City Station, in conjunction with odiousderp’s DCTS. We will soon be adding onto our current line with stations such as Cartaz, Sherwood and Lignum. In other news, we have renovated our Stampy Central station to allow for PCB Subway access. NR is in full control of the station.

President and Founder
National Railways

“Expanding Horizons”

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the amount of people making these fucking railways tho

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Hello! Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been on in recent days. I went back to Washington DC over the weekend, in part to go back to my hometown, but also because I was part of press coverage for Michelle Obama’s presentation for the Arts and Humanities for Youth awards! I got to go into the White House! 8)

Anyway, I don’t think you guys want to hear any more about me…

Since I think NR Vice President @AngelSentinel forgot to make a new, updated map ;D haha, I went ahead and made a makeshift one for the time being. Obviously, it’s not very good, and it won’t be our official map nor will it ever be. It’s just a threshold for now to show PCB where we are and what we plan on doing! You’ll notice that it doesn’t include NR affiliates DCTS, YoshiRail, and NEC. That’s because the map got too crowded :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, guys!

Well, I’m writing this on the plane back, and I’ll be back on PCB tomorrow!

President and Founder
National Railways
“Expanding Horizons”

[s]Also, just FYI, my computer’s PSU just died today, and I ended up picking out little dust bunnies from inside it for an hour or so. Also, I may have accidentally ESD’ed my motherboard in the process, but only a repaired PSU will tell that.

Regardless, I have a backup laptop to play on, but know that the map will probably have to wait even more.[/s]

EDIT: Fixed. Not a problem with the PSU. Regardless, I will (try to) work on the map soon.