Creative Map Reset

Hello guys, I am here to announce my opinion. Recently, I have been thinking that the creative map has been here for a long time, if im not wrong, there were like 1,5-2 years? weren’t it? Well, with 1.12 comming with a lot of new blocks that could replace the actual, outdated ones, I think the map is a lot filled too, plus a lot of people have been, from 6 months to now, asking for a map reset. So, who is with me? Sorry for language mistakes, used a translator. :wink:

Honestly, I think that the reset would take away a lot of hard work. If we could vote on our favorite warps and then transferring those, I might go for that. I do support a reset to take away all of those non warp larger cities that just take up space. I don’t know, but it would be something to discuss.


The staff team will notify you when we have decided to make a new creative map, which we have not yet decided nor begun to discuss. I’ll go ahead and lock this up for now, stay patient.