Creative.. Gone?!

I recently logged onto the server with the intent of working on my BigCity BigBuild contest entry, and surprise! the creative world is gone? Wiped? I have been working my literal ass off on this project, I have spent weeks of my real time happily working on this. I was proud of it, and happy to enter. Now… It’s gone? Like that? No explanation?

I am highly dissapointed. These kinds of things can not go without formal recodnition.


Although I was not affected in any way of this map wipe, I think that there should have been a bigger warning that it would soon be wiped… I do believe that the Admin’s and/or SOP’s are trying to get the old creative map back (correct me if I am wrong). I hope everything is fixed soon!

If i recall correctly, we got a new Creative?

I was not told of this happening either, but I believe Andy simply moved the folder the map was in. It is not gone and can be accessed if they allow it.

You deserve to get your project from the map. If I can do anything to make that happen, I will.

I didn’t move it. I was out all of yesterday so someone else must have done it. I didn’t even know we were getting a new creative map until just before that

I believe it was John. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

I had mentioned having you move the Old creative map to Hard. He apparently messaged you on steam, and then told me that you moved it, along with renaming the new maps.

Correct, I thought _andy had did that. I guess this just means the old creative is unloaded.

Staff kept telling me the map was Deleted… (ie. CherryRed, Kurrupted, and Namillo)

There was no official announcement, so nobody really knew.

I just checked the server and the map still exists, it’s just not loaded.

What’s the consensus? Do I need to make it loaded?

I would say that’s a yes, even if only for a while. Ani at least needs his current project moved over.

It should load on next reboot. I won’t reboot the server right now since there’s players online

Still no news on the map?

Bigcity contest is still going yet everyone’s entries are in the old creative… lol

Poor ani

Do the creative dance to bring creative dance! Errboday has to

Lol lets start a petetion!

Someone explain to me what has happened?

think that is the answer to your question _specialk