[Creative 1.8] National Railways

Hello! In an effort to make transportation slightly easier (this is the point where i don’t take responsibility for PCBT), AngelSentinel and I have decided to re-integrate National Railways into the map now that we’re back to 1.7. I’m actually quite happy about this because a) NR! and b) No more death threats! (jk)

Aaaaaanyway, Angel and I will be coming out soon with a website redesign (www.nationalrailways.org) as well as a station plan and so forth. The main hub will be Port Royal as well as someplace in that cluttered city area (reply here if you’d like the opportunity) With that being said, I would like all of you to know that no forms will be used, as I believe in face-to-face communication (screen-to-screen, idk), so please reply here or on the server with questions and I will be happy to answer.

For the actual train lines themselves, I will be mostly doing a reroute of PCBT’s originally planned systems, connecting them using different lines and such. Rails will be built in the SMG (Standard Minecart Gauge) used in Minecraft.

Stations will have a set format, with design suggestions appreciated to fit the feel of your city.

NR will run using the same format as PCBT to ease transition from PCBT to NR

To ease rail congestion, we will keep our lines to a maximum of 3 on the map, as we are not trying to connect every single city.

Please wait for the upcoming press release for more details.

Thanks for your time and cooperation,

President, National Railways
Expanding horizons.

Hey Amphi,
Can I be part of the all new NR? Pretty please with sprinkles on top? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re not currently accepting team requests, but would you like a station?

I would like a station in my town, Winterly Rock. You saw it yesterday, Amphi.

I’ll discuss my terms with you next time we are both online :smiley:

I have decided after much thought brackley will be open to a connection but not the minecraft gauge im talking more realistic. i will discuss the terms next time youre on

if Belport Station has enough room for it, Im all in. We already need to expand our station


could this also include my city? plans for a station were in place for PCBT but i know it wont happen soon if at all.

I plan on reviving Arlington this time around on the server, and I’d be happy to include a station.

Is SMG Minecart or Planned PCB size. or something completely different?

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