Craft Bukkit 1.0 Now Out!

Finally the recommended build for Bukkit is now out. No more lag or crashing server! Hooray! Now get to updating Andy.

YAY! :smiley:

I must say i feel sorry for andy XD, two servers he is gonna have to re do again, replace files ect.

On the bright side hopefully the updates will be more stable now aswell as the server softwear as i think notch is taking a break from minecraft.

Yes, yes. Jeb is now the head developer for Minecraft.

I’m excited! Hopefully once both are set up good (poor Andy) we won’t have to worry about it too often. I think this is fantastic news! :smiley: news!


HAH! Finally we will be able to continue to creative!

We have spent a day working on the creative server so far. It is just taking quite a bit of time to configure from scratch again. We will be keeping the same map from 1.8. I am currently running a terrain generator to fill the map out to 16000x16000 in size (I hate the person who built that far out). All terrain past that point will be 1.0 terrain.

The server should be up hopefully within the next 24 hours. I’ll be adding back Dynmap and from initial renders our spawn area is massive! The survival server may take a few more days to configure. We may have to reinstall the entire server to free up more ram.

On the subject of 1.0.0 terrain, apparently the old swamp biomes now are the new swamp biomes, with dark grass.

And Taiga biomes are back (snow forests)