Countless Beacons Disappeared after Server Crash

I’m very angry because I claimed a 2000 by 1500 block area placing LOTS of beacons, and now they are nothing but glow in the ground spots at night. They all disappeared after the crash and I’ll be super angry if someone builds on the land I claimed with the missing beacons

Why do you need a 2000x1500 area?

If you can come up with a valid reason for claiming that large an area, it’s possible to redo the changes with logblock, because they’re saved instantly as you place the blocks.

We were planning to make multiple cities at once. One town would be owned by me, one town would be owned by Ney, and one would be owned by Mario55097. We are also planning to make multiple cabins in the snowy forest. Basically, we were planning on making another state. For example, look at South and North Arial. They are 2 cities in a large area.

Tell a staff member to run

/lb redo player BuilderBro15 block beacon since 1d area 3000

(If other players helped you, or you placed any more than 24 hours before the staff runs the command, it will need to be modified)

This should redo the vast majority of the beacons, as logblock saves changes near-instantly, whereas the server saves periodically.

Re-did them. Resolved.