Could I own Kallipolis

Hello poeple of PCB, my name is Misterman and I live in the perfect city! The only thing is, no one owns it!
It keeps getting griefed and staff cant keep fixing it so I believe the right person should own it and seeing as i’m the only one living there why not me?

Nuhh man… Don’t even think about it… Anthjamon would never entrust it to you and I don’t think he would wanna give it to someone he doesn’t even know… Leave it as un-owned…

Of all the people who get a say in this, Anth isn’t one of them. He’s banned, hence the disrepair.

So can I or not because I’m the only one living there remember.

Kallipolis is currently owned by staff. We currently have no plans to make any additional builds or any of the sorts, nor do we have plans to take back houses or anything like that. If you previously owned a house in this city during the period of time that Anth (the city’s ex-owner) was active, then you may continue to use the house you bought from him and the city resources so long as you replace what you take and you dont take from others.

I would recommend however finding a new place to live with more active users as Kallipolis is technically an inactive city, but the choice is yours to do whatever.

So yes you can keep existing property, but no you may not own it or make any builds in Kallipolis. Hope this clears some things up

Since Mark left such a nice, throrough, clarifying answer, I’ll just go ahead and lock this up. @Misterman1112, if you have any more questions, just PM a staff member.

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