Corrupted Chunk

Help Me Please!

A couple more details maybe?

If it’s the Acra City chunk, I don’t think it’s corrupted. I always spawn there, and MC hasn’t crashed… :-\


Don’t really see why its a poll but what happens when you join? Do you even get a moment to do anything as in manage to warp somewhere? Or say /home?

Yes as octo said, can you provide more details please? like where you are spawning? minecraft version?

Oh shit… I think i know.

Anth… remember that mega cannon thing that crashes your minecraft (We did ban the culprit long ago). I believe its still kinda a shitty area to be since its SO LAGGY.

Anth did anyone ever roll that dude back?..

Alrighty, be sure to stay away from whatever chunk it is, going near it will make it worse. Post the details here (e.g. Coordinates, landmarks, any extra info, ect.). I’ll post this topic on the staff boards, and be sure to contact your friendly neighborhood Admin!

Well I eventually got out of it but it was away from Acrea and I accidentally clicked poll, so ya it’s about a thousand blocks out or more.

Dude, you’re gonna have to be way more specific than that.

Apparently anth and originally thought it was some weird lag. Then we got closer and it was MAJOR LAG and tnt exploding over and over and over. We both assumed that it was a mega tnt cannon. So I believe anth banned the culprit and rolled him back. I believe this is the “corrupted chunk” he’s talking about idk I’ll have to see the area myself

Javi, kurry had fixed the area by removing the minecarts that were all over the place, it should not be laggy anymore

Did she remove all the redstone etc?