Corrupted Chunk Strikes Again - RIP Prince

Every time I join it appears to be my fault that the server is either closing, lagging out, or whatever. Someone help me plz?

yes. I would say you are. You just joined and it crashed, before it was fine.

Please be patient, the staff are working as hard as they can to resolve this issue xD

P.S Where were you last before the issue happened? Ill test with a smurf to see if its a corrupt chunk or if its just player data.

Why dont you try doing /seen PrinceMark to get exact coords I cant remember tbh i think I was tp’ing to some random member, or I think maybe I was wandering around one of the warps at survival spawn and was randomly exploring. Can’t remember.

Edit: 2404, 65, -416
I was near this city, by the desert over there. i remember now, I was seeing which warp plates still worked at sspawn and i was exploring this city and then thats when it all started to happen

Resolved - Locked

Fixed it with John’s aid. Corrupt stats data for Mark. I had deleted all his userdata, but that wasn’t it.