Corrupted Chunk Players: Discussion

This stuff will get done, but it's just a busy time of the year. April to June/July always is.

Airsoftpro26’s ban appeal brought this topic up to me again. There are currently a bunch of people banned right now for being in a corrupted chunk and we can’t keep telling them to be patient.

I’m not really concerned as to the method, whether it be more active admins or new one/s, but, with all due respect to real life issues and what not, I feel as though we’re not attacking this problem as we should.

Discuss as you wish.

I want to say this one last time. The players that are banned are NOT in bad chunks. Their player data itself was broken somehow. Others could freely go though the area. Thus far, 2 confirmed bad chunks were reported and fixed. If there are known bad chunks, let me know and I can fix them.

Spec posted to us that he removed those player’s data. They should be able to come back now. Can we test with unbanning one or more of them?

I’ll urban Airsoft and send him a message letting him know he is unbanned. If the server continues to crash, we can just reban him.

This, this, and more of this. It’s getting somewhat frustrating how many people don’t actually understand this, even though it’s been said numerous times. The PLAYERS are corrupted, not the chunks. Hence why only that player crashes the server, even if they have buddies around their town, etc.

Yep someone needs to unban one of the players as a test.

Ok, that’s helpful to know, but it’s still not addressing the question. Is it that it’s difficult to fix the player files? You can tell I’m not super experienced in this field, but I understand that there’s a problem here.

I’ve unbanned airsoft,
I’ll post the results here when he joins.

He is online right now. Everything appears well, he is starting a city. Everything seems back to normal for him. Airsoft and everyone else would like to thank staff for taking another step forward to solving the problem.

We salute you, staff.

Seems to be fine, shall we unban the remaining banned players?

Do your best to do so, VRA, if you don’t mind. Simply scanning the ban list and ban appeals sections should help.

Yea, just needed confirmation that this was okay to do, so if the server starts crashing, its on you zak ;D

Anyway, everyone I could find on the ban list with the reason ‘corrupt chunk’ or similar have been unbanned.

Happy Mining!

All is well in the world of PCB.
Can I get a lock lock?