Corrupt Chunk II: Attack of the chunk

I think I am in a corrupt chunk, very bottom right of the map where there seems to be a random block (from dyna)

Would greatly appreciate getting moved back to spawn, thanks in advance.

Apologies to those I kicked when attempting relogging.

Yeah… this doesn’t quite match up XD

Yeah it does, those are my builds, they are floating in the sky as they got moved from the outskirts of bigcity.

Ah I see, my mistake XD
So where’s the chunk, Twan? Just so I don’t accidentally come across it…

The weird L-shaped block

The chunks may need to be deleted. Was anything important built there?

Not at all.

Just that L shape?

Edit: Just checked the dynmap my builds are far away from there.

Attempting to fix now

Edit: scanning for corrupted chunks at the moment
The scans found 1 corrupted chunk and removed it. Let me know if the issue is still not fixed