Copying Builds

(if this breaks a rule for talking about this plz dont ban me)
I’ve noticed that some people have copied some builds on the server, and not just from other players, but from some youtubers too!(including keralis) I can see why copying in MC is a total grey area, but when its so obvious, I think something should be done (this is not a vent on staff, you guys are doing a superb job, just ranting about the prob)! If someone wants to copy builds, they can do it on a single player game!
(again i dont want to be banned plz!)
And if you do copy, give creds to the actual builders!

I don’t think copying a design from a youtuber like Keralis is much of an issue, as they specifically put out tutorials on how to build their stuff. Player copying is an issue, and if you see that someone has copied your build, talk to a member of staff.

I just feel like if you build from a youtuber, there should be credit, or atleast a channel name, instead of "another house made by [insert name here]!

Nice idea, unfortunately it would be almost impossible to properly police it. But like octo said, if someone copies what you’ve done, you can report it to staff and we can sort it.

At first I was very confused by this post, I thought Minecraft creations wouldn’t be covered under copyright laws due to Minecraft’s EULA.

BUT LOW AND BEHOLD, the EULA specifically gives players the ability to claim ownership to designs (within reason such as a the example given: Cathedral with a roller-coaster going through it.)