Cops and robbers map

As you know I’ve started a little youtube chanel. And I eloud be glad to do the Cops and robbers map. I just need at least 5 people with a mic. Post domething below if you wana play

Ill do it if u can get it to where i can connect.

I’m up for it, it’d be a fun time! It’d have to be over TeamSpeak though.

When? I have some time now…Im gonna lag to high hell as my laptop cannot sustain minecraft but can handle fraps and TF2 oddly enough

I would, but I’d be that guy who never talks because he has a freaking disruptive family and has no privacy #thestruggle

If it is at a good time, I could join. Last time we played, I got away as the robber. Even those flying lost me as I went through buildings.


no for real me is started this whole thing

Ok I wlod like to see what day and time do you want it to be and I’ll say if it’s ok with me.