CoolzDude101 - 8th of January, 2016


[b]Minecraft Username[/b] CoolzDude101
[b]Date of Ban[/b] 8th of January, 2016
[b]Server[/b] Survival/Creative
[b]Banned by[/b] idk
[b]Reason for Ban[/b] unwanted pvp. I was using self defense against a guy because he keeps on trying to kill me, but the mods listened to the stupid guy that lied and said i just killed him. I should be unbanned. God knows all the evilness in this world.
[b]Reason to be Unbanned[/b] I said so in the reason for ban

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

>[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[b][ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.[/b]

(Dont warn me, I’m involved.)

You’ve been involved with unwanted PvP several times before, also caps in chat, being annoying, ect.

As far as I know, Hammabamma was mining, you stole diamonds, then you killed her? Today alone you have 2 unwanted PvP reports against your odds, and a ban.

Staff, take it away from here. : )

I didnt steal ANY diamonds, I mined it myself. She was fighting me over it so i had no choice to use self-defense.

CoolzDude, you need to understand. we all clearly saw the: mammabamma was slain by CoolzDude101, that is no lie, i was flying around the area when she was killed, and you also killed SheepishBAA, this is no time for lying, you are becoming an annoyance to these players, PLEASE get your act together.

Coolzdude I am going to keep this short and to the point.

Firstly your attitude needs to change; I hope you don’t think that you are more immune because you donated, as that is completely wrong.

Secondly although I wasn’t there, three people of whom two are trusted have said that my client was mining peacefully before you tped to her and started mining the diamonds she had found.

Again I wasn’t there but they have no reason to be lying where as you do, plus your appeal was extremely immature and quite frankly you have made me less likely to unban you by swearing and saying you should be unbanned.

I shall give you another chance to improve your appeal.

I didnt even kill the sheep guy

Yes i killed hamma as self defense. This server has a lot of fleabags. God is always watching and knows the mean people.

im also really pissed off i used my christmas money to pay to be a month donor and its all ruined. Thanks alot. I might make trouble soon. BE READY!

Hey. Disrespecting Staff And Uddering Threats, Well, Staff Can lock This Now

wtf, fleabags? Threats?

If anything, you just dug your own grave, bud.

Again you are simply showing signs of immaturity and you have exactly the sort of attitude we can do without. Firstly you have broken the formatting of your appeal. Secondly you triple posted: please use the modify buttons. And thirdly cut the crap, stop using your sort of quotes from the Bible or something, now God knows your evilness in this world.

Did you have to kill her? No.

And you’re, “BE READY” message? Well that’s already made you tempbanned for two months. If you want me to increase your ban time please by all means reply to my message insulting me.

This is a terrible appeal. Firstly, it’s not detailed at all. You’d be more sincere if you really want back in. You shouldn’t be an arrogant little asshat. Secondly, you edited the post, which it clearly says not to, which totally broke the format and make the appeal really hard to read.

I’m not sure what I would do with you. I wasn’t there, and I can hardly read the application. The final decision is for whoever actually banned you (I assume it’s Twan). Be patient, and you’ll get a verdict soon.

Rest In Pepperonis.

Remember, unless you are DIRECTLY involved, DO NOT POST. The first two member posts were ok, but everything after that is unwarranted. Let this be your warning.

As for the unwanted PVP, I would like to hear both sides. It seems there is a lot of here-say, on both sides. If you saw on the screen that the other player was killed, that has not been denied. What coolzdude is saying is that there was unwanted pvp from the other person as well, and it was in self defence. Who witnessed the PVP?


No one witnessed, and other evidence has been clarified in game (A ban may come to the other player). This is a clear warning to everyone to NEVER do unwanted PVP in game. In addition, DO NOT make empty, veiled threat. It will get you nowhere.

Spoke with Twan - unbanned and locked.

Why do people feel the need to edit the appeals, it says not to right there in the appeal itself…

I sent a warning yesterday about this after there was a player report clearly didnt work i think theres a strong case of donoritis here