ConnectPCB Railway System

Hey all, Kyle here.

After a couple years I have decided to restart the railways, in order to connect up all participating towns and cities on the map. I felt like it was a lost opportunity to make the world a little more lifelike and wanted to do another huge project. If anyone wants their city linked up, or me to build them a station, please let me know below. The north-south mainline has been started and currently runs from Vale. Since railway building is often repetitive and boring, I’d like to offer help with regards to anything train related to anyone who wants it. Thanks to all staff who have helped with w/e thus far with tunnels and stuff, it’s much appreciated. Sorry to constantly bother all of you asking for help!

I might rename the project, any ideas? ConnectPCB is a bit old and I thought a new name would suit better.

There will be randomly placed small stations along the lines too, if you want them, they’re all yours to modify, upgrade, or build your desired city around.

Thanks for your time.



PCBConnect – new name

OpenTTD all over again. Welp, count me in

PCBTransit 2 - The Sequel of the Series

I second Cabal’s notion

edit: count me in too :smiley:

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I’m happy with the fact that you are bringing this system back into reality! I actually have a decently sized rail network that I would like to connect with a larger network. I did originally want to connect with “ConnectPCB” but it seemed like I couldn’t even track down who started the initiative. But now that you’ve appeared I would like to connect my network with yours sometime!

My network lies south of Camarion and has two entries/exits through the city walls. It has even already connected with a nothern city, Breadhead12’s Quertos. Bringing me to my next point. Breadhead12 has established a network of his own, connecting Quertos to Costamarina, and nearing completed connection to one of Liam’s (Mw’s) cities. Additionally Hywel and I have spoken about connecting our cities Camarion & Rennes via railway so in the future that is another city that may possibly be connected as well! So, if you choose to accept my request to connect to my network we shall discuss mapping, priorities and etc in game. :smiley: