Connecting Pc to TV via S video

As you guys are so helpful i have another question to throw your way,

Yet again Graphics card died, gonna get a new one but have more pressing matters atm.

I currently running a Geforce 7600 GT :confused: and it has 2 dvi slots and a S video slot, so i came up with the idea to connect my tv to my pc to watch films while in bed.

So amongst my cable maze i found some 4 pin S video cables an decided i’ll give it a shot.

Anyway Connected the S video cable to my pc and then to a S video - Scart connector and put in my TV all works but quality SUCKS ASS! blurred to shit basically.

SO the question is:

What are the Pros and cons of S video and how can i boost or increase quality in order to have a decent picture to watch films through my pc to my TV?

The sound side is covered thanks to my surround sound that is hooked to my pc and placed all around my room even tho it annoys my mother an neighbors but life’s to short to worry right :wink:

I currently have gold plated 4 Pin s Video (so it says anyway) cable that is 10 m Long (bit too lon considering my pc is like 1.5 m away from TV if that.
Yet again any help is greatly appreciated

I have heard that S video looses alot of quality but not sure about it tbh first time i fucked about with it, sorry sorry if this seems noobish.

1 last thing i did have a hdmi to VGA cable (lost it tho) but for some reason my pc wouldn’t pick up my tv any ideas here and also if this is a better option i have the 3 slots for the (yellow Red and White ) slots could i get them one end and S video or hdmi or vga the other end?

You cant do anything really, you need an HDMI output if you want really nice quality.That’s about all i can say.

I have only used s-video with my gamecube. I cant help ya. Sorry

The ‘s’ in s video stands for ‘standard’, its not a hd cable so the max resolution you can get out of it is like 480p or so, hence the blur, scart goes up to 720p i think, VGA/ dvi are at 1200p max.

For a cable that goes from hdmi to VGA you would need a digital to analog converter for the signal

(i cant really recommend anything to help with your TV, my hd TV has a hdmi port, vga port, audio in port, scart port, RBY port and some others, so i never need to convert.)

Thanks fatso, and others i was then going to ask about the hdmi-vga but found out u need a converter, but are they cheap?